Meet the man who’s made 30,000 children

With male fertility rates falling for the past 60 years, Stylist’s Alexandra Jones went to meet Ole Schou, the man who runs the world’s largest sperm bank.

Sitting opposite me is a charming 22-year-old man, blonde with startling blue eyes, talking about the future.“I’d be happy to have loads of children,” he tells me earnestly. “I mean, look at Genghis Khan. He had, what? 20,000?” I give him an incredulous look. “Not that I think I’m Genghis Khan,” he adds quickly.

Despite what it sounds like, I’m not on a spectacularly intense first date. I’m actually at the world’s largest sperm bank – Cryos, in Denmark – chatting to Noah, a student and repeat sperm donor. Through its website, Cryos supplies sperm to women all over the world and has been responsible for the births of 30,000 babies in the last 25 years. It’s a grey Monday morning yet the clinic is steadily busy; Noah has just popped in on his way to the gym to make a deposit. He is one of 500 men who will wander in over the course of a week – I count three or four every hour, though it gets busier after lunch.

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