Happy Mothering Sunday From TFP

Mothering Sunday

Mother’s Day stands out as one of the most important days of the year for The Fertility Partnership (TFP), as a celebration for all those parents we’ve helped achieve their dreams. We see what we do as a privilege and a special gift; that we are able to help mums be mums. There are so many layers and complexities that go into motherhood and through all the sacrifice, the joy that is received through the love of a child makes it all worthwhile, 10 times over. So this coming Mothering Sunday, March 26th, comes in official recognition of all the hard work and dedication our mothers have done for us.

At TFP though, we feel Mother’s Day should be for more than just for those that have their own children. It should represent those that are always looking out for others best interests and try to help them succeed; all the characteristics of a mother. It should represent all those that help nurture and guide others when they are in times of need: the manager taking extra time to coach and develop the new staff member, the teachers guiding and educating their pupils, and for all the nurses healing their patients back to health. Mother’s Day should be for everyone regardless of whether they have a child or not.

Mothering Sunday will mean different things to different people. At The Fertility Partnership we help women and couples who have had to deal with the difficulties of not being able to get pregnant. It can be a devastating and an unexpected blow, to a long-held dream, of naturally getting pregnant and starting your first step into motherhood.

We also know mums that have suffered the heartache of miscarriage and many will feel they will never experience giving birth to a child themselves. At TFP we meet women going through this difficult period all the time and one thing becomes abundantly clear – there is no great joy than being a mum and nothing hurts like not being one.

Many women that seek TFP’s help have at one point felt as if this day will never be relevant to them. One of the best things about what we do though, is giving women a helping hand so they can experience what they once thought was impossible. Their trust in our expertise and care is savoured so much when we see them as they’ve always wanted to be seen; a mum.

So TFP would like to wish everyone a very happy and prosperous Mother’s Day. Please use this day to tell someone special, that has helped you in life, how much they mean to you and how you couldn’t imagine life without them. ​

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