Data Confirms Eeva Test Fertility Technology Can Improve Embryo Assessment for IVF When Used in Combination With Morphology

Data for the Early Embryo Viability Assessment (Eeva™) Test demonstrate that transfer of embryos at Day 3 resulted in comparable clinical outcomes to blastocyst stage (Day 5 of development after fertilisation) transfer when the Eeva™ Test is used in combination with review of embryo shape and structure (morphology) to improve embryo assessment.

This provides a viable option for IVF centres, with limited resources to perform blastocyst culture, to improve their success. For patients with a higher risk of cycle cancellation, using the Eeva Test may result in a better outcome.[1] It may be advantageous to identify and transfer the most viable embryos at Day 3 as the environment of the uterus may benefit their development.

Further data go on to demonstrate that at Day 5, single embryo transfer (SET) pregnancy rates may be improved when embryos are assessed using the Eeva™ Test combined with morphology, compared to Day 5 SET patients where embryo assessment is done using just morphology alone.

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